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How To Estimate Road Construction Accurately
The Small Contractor's Quick Guide with Solutions
By Victor C. Tyler, P.E.

How To Estimate Road Construction Accurately is expressly designed for estimators and owners of small construction businesses who are interested in producing accurate and profitable unit price bids for road and infrastructure construction. Your ability to grasp and understand your costs is one of the most important skills needed for your success.  Whatever your current position, estimator or company owner, your accuracy, competitiveness, and long-term survival are dependent on your ability to know, understand and control your costs.  This study guide will allow you become comfortable with your estimating process. Included are many detailed illustrations and example estimates of how using my easy to lead bid template format is applied to actual road and infrastructure bid situations.

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Strategic Construction Estimating Best Practices Presentation

Presenter: Victor C. Tyler, P.E.



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