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Estimating Tools for the Small DOT Subcontractor

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Welcome to Roadbid Templates

A more accurate way to estimate cost and price your DOT line item work.

RoadBid Template Estimator

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Why Use RoadBid Templates?

Save time with faster, easier cost capturing using templates. Created specifically for small road / infrastructure subcontractors. This easy-to-use application helps you generate more accurate cost and pricing information. It enables you to maintain a clear audit trail of thinking process. Many small contractors are really struggling with estimating accurate costs and very soon the infrastructure and public works markets will experience higher funding levels. Be prepared to excel with more accurate cost and pricing skills.

What we offer

Welcome to RoadBid Templates. We offer simple, easy-to-use online tools for the small subcontractor. You will discover a better way to estimate and accurately price DOT line item work descriptions.

No Software to Install

No Mechanics Manual to Read

Better Cost Accuracy



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