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Estimating Templates Built for the Small DOT Subcontractor

Improve your ability to produce more accurate bids in less time ........ using RoadBidTemplates!

RoadBid Template Estimator

Contractor Overhead Calculator

Equipment Rate Calculator

Truck Haul Rate Calculator


RoadBidTemplates offers a simpler more easy-to-use process than the more expensive online estimating software. Discover a better way to estimate and accurately bid DOT line item work descriptions.

No Software to Install

Download the spreadsheet templates

No Mechanics Manual to Read

Better Cost Accuracy

fill-in-the-blanks and Pre-built


designed for DOT and Public Works Line Item Bidding

Just select a template and type in the bid quantities and crew makeup to get a complete estimate in seconds! Since every job is different, a template can be customized for that specific job by adding or removing labor, materials, equipment, changing the cost information.

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