The Best Excel-based Estimating & Quote Builder tool for Small Subcontractors Bidding DOT and Infrastructure Work

A Simple Yet Powerful Spreadsheet Application Made for Estimating DOT, Civil Construction & Infrastructure Bid Items

Increase productivity and better manage your estimating and bidding accuracy with pre-filled detail job cost templates. Create cost item assemblies within RoadBidTemplates that are based on your own business practices or use our pre-filled cost assemblies that was developed with the self-performing subcontractor in mind.

Create Detailed Cost Estimates & Bid Proposals

See for yourself why this is an exciting opportunity for you to engage in your first profitable step to automate and document your bidding process. You will enjoy and experience the full power of the RoadBid Templates Spreadsheet Application.

Why Use RoadBid Templates

Subcontractors prepare your business for an influx of new Federal Investments

RoadBid Templates was written for the micro-sized and small business MWBE subcontractor to be better able and ready to bid new work opportunities in the DOT civil construction & infrastructure market.

What’s your work specialty? We have starter data for most DOT Civil Highway Bid Line Items. All you need to do is update all your job cost items. You can customize any or all items to fit your needs. You even can create your own details from a blank RoadBid Template.

Our Bid Template Starter Library

Learn how estimators use the RoadBid Templates to build reliable, more accurate bids, and professional looking quotes.

Concrete Flatwork

  • Concrete Sidewalk
  • Concrete Curb & Gutter
  • Concrete Ramp
  • Portland Cement Concrete Pavement
  • Steel Bar Reinforcement
  • Concrete Median Pavement


  • Mineral Aggregate Base
  • Asphalt Concrete Mix
  • Saw Cutting Asphalt
  • Scoring Rumble Stripe
  • Infared Asphalt Repair
  • Cold Planning Asphalt
  • Saw & Sealing Joints

Concrete Box Culvert

  • Pre-Cast Box Culvert
  • Concrete Abutment
  • Steel Bar Reinforcement
  • Concrete Bridge Deck
  • Concrete Median Barrier
  • Concrete Approach Slab

Using RoadBid Templates will increase your ability to create fast and accurate cost estimates in minutes.

No Mechanics Manual to Read

Easy to use and understand. Templates are designed and are familiar to how an estimator thinks. Nothing new to learn.


Excel-based Application

Must have MS-Excel installed on your machine. You can then buy and instantly download a Bid Template into Excel. No subscription or long-term contract.


Pre-loaded Assemblies

Each Bid Templates have pre-built labor, material, and equipment lists ready for you to customized to fit your bid situation.

Store Opening Soon … Let us know if are interested in our RoadBidTemplate Estimator Worksheets.